Steven Vincent

Head of Design and Estimating, Eco Green Roofs

Steven Vincent brings over two decades of expertise to Eco Green Roofs, showcasing a career rich in innovation within the green roof industry. His journey began with designing luxurious penthouse gardens, evolving to embrace the advanced extensive green roofing systems pioneered in Northern Europe. Steven’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a green roof company, where he spearheaded product development in both green and blue roof technologies.

In his pivotal role at Eco Green Roofs, Steven’s extensive experience is invaluable. He has a comprehensive understanding of every green roof product and new technology on the market, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of sustainable roofing.

His leadership not only focuses on the aesthetic appeal of eco-friendly roofs but also emphasizes environmental responsibility and sustainability. Under Steven’s guidance, Eco Green Roofs is dedicated to setting industry standards, contributing to eco-friendly urban landscapes, and fostering a greener future.