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Our Vision

Where we came from

Founded in 2011 by Keith Hills, our origins can be traced back to Eco Green Roofs. Keith, transitioning from a successful career in finance within the City, embarked on a mission to pioneer a specialist Eco Construction company.

His vision was clear – to integrate green living technologies into modern infrastructure, aligning with evolving legislation and the increasing importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) targets.

What’s our Vision?

To build a future where communities and ecology are as one.

Rapid Growth and Prestigious Projects

Eco Green Roofs quickly distinguished itself in the industry. Within a remarkably short period, we undertook prestigious projects across various sectors.

Our portfolio boasts collaborations with renowned entities like Chelsea FC, Brentford FC, Leicester FC, and the iconic Battersea Power Station. Our touch extended to cultural landmarks such as Tate Modern St Ives and reached into the retail and hospitality sectors with clients like TK Maxx and Nandos.

Our impact was also felt in the serene settings of Royal Parks and numerous residential estates, including the award-winning Chobham Manor.


The Birth of Eco Green Group

In January 2024, in line with our vision to become a powerhouse in the eco-construction industry, we evolved from Eco Green Roofs to Eco Green Group.

This transformation was more than a change of name; it signified our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for all green infrastructure needs. It marked our commitment to clarity, flexibility, and enhanced service for our stakeholders.



Eco Green Group is steadfastly progressing towards becoming a beacon in sustainable roofing, landscaping, and maintenance. Our goal is to enhance buildings, helping them meet and exceed their environmental targets. We understand the critical role that buildings play in achieving sustainability goals, and we are committed to being at the forefront of this transformative journey.


Our team of experts forms the foundation of our vision. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in green infrastructure, we are poised to be the go-to for clients seeking sustainable solutions.

Our expertise is not just in the services we offer; it’s in understanding and adapting to the unique needs of each client, ensuring flexibility and customisation in our approach.


Eco Green Group is structured to thrive through growth, collaboration, and strategic acquisitions. We are constantly exploring opportunities to enhance our eco-offering by integrating other businesses that align with our vision and values.

This approach allows us to expand our capabilities and offer a more diverse range of services to our clients.