Graham Hill

Managing Partner, Eco Green Group

Graham Hill’s career in the construction and green technology sectors began in 2007 at Rydon Construction, where he embarked on his journey as a trainee quantity surveyor. It was during this formative period that Graham’s interest in sustainable building practices was sparked, particularly through his involvement in the Packington Estate Regeneration project, where he learned about the potential of flat and unused roof spaces in enhancing biodiversity through brown and biodiverse roofs.

Over the years, Graham’s understanding, and commitment to integrating “Green” technology in both new build and refurbishment projects in the construction sector have deepened significantly. This growing expertise and passion led him to join Eco Green Group in 2022 and subsequently become a shareholder in 2023.

Graham envisions a future where ecological building technologies are not just an option but a standard in construction. He aims, alongside his fellow directors at Eco Green Group, to offer the industry a team of experts who can support clients in designing, installing, and maintaining environmentally sustainable products.

Graham’s leadership is driven by a desire to create a lasting legacy through these green initiatives, ensuring that future generations will benefit from a more sustainable and eco-friendly built environment.