Danny Farquhar

Operations Manager, Eco Green Roofs

Danny Farquhar’s illustrious 29-year journey in the roofing industry is marked by passion, innovation, and a commitment to environmental stewardship. His career began in 1995 as a pitched roofer and evolved into flat roofing in 1998, where he honed his skills across the UK in multi-discipline roof and waterproofing build-ups. This expertise led to a supervisory role in 2006, managing large-scale waterproofing projects for bridges and superstructures across Europe.

A pivotal moment in Danny’s career was the installation of his first large-scale green roof and community living area in Greenwich, London, in 2009. This project rekindled his passion for roofing and introduced a new dimension to his work – creating environmentally friendly and community-centric spaces. Danny’s contributions to the field have been recognized through prestigious projects, including renovating roof areas of the Royal Albert Hall and winning the NFRC Major Projects Award in 2018.

His career, spanning nearly three decades, is not just about covering vast areas with roofing and green spaces; it’s about giving back to the community and contributing positively to the environment. Danny takes pride in being part of a movement that blends his lifelong passion for roofing with the goal of creating sustainable, enjoyable community spaces.