Westminster Chimes Case Study


To provide Chimes, a Westminster development by Pegasus Ltd for Lifestory, with innovative sustainable features, enhancing green space connectivity and environmental sustainability at ground and roof levels.


The challenge

Chimes faced logistical and environmental challenges in its urban setting, including:

  • Restricted space for material deliveries, complicating logistics.
  • Fast rainwater runoff and drainage issues due to the groundfloor courtyard’s design, featuring planting beds and nonpermeable paving surrounded by glass windows.
  • The need for extensive paving slabs to be custom-sized on-site for bespoke detailing.

The finished aesthetics of the natural environment at both roof and ground level surpassed expectation. Both EGR and Kingsley Roofing worked collaboratively with the Principal Contractor and achieved the requirements specified in a climate that called for extra safety measures following Government guidelines.

Project Manager at Lifestory


What was involved

EGR’s involvement at Chimes was comprehensive, addressing both aesthetic and functional sustainability aspects:

  • Close collaboration with stakeholders to align work and delivery schedules, adopting a ‘when needed’ approach to manage limited space effectively.
  • Installation of sustainable eco-systems, including the EGR EcoVoid Blue Roof System beneath the courtyard for flood mitigation and two EGR SB Sedum Blanket Green Roof Systems to enhance rooftop biodiversity.
  • Implementation of the EGR Podium System to achieve a balance of hard and soft landscaping, providing a diverse range of green spaces.

The solution

EGR’s tailored approach included:

  • Strategically scheduled deliveries to navigate the tight manoeuvrable space, ensuring materials were available as needed without disrupting site access.
  • The EcoVoid Blue Roof System installation to slow down rainwater runoff, addressing potential drainage issues and reducing flood risk.
  • The combination of sedum blanket green roofs and a versatile podium system at roof level, integrating both biodiversity and aesthetic landscaping to meet Lifestory’s sustainability criteria.

The results

The Chimes development successfully integrated a range of sustainable features, resulting in:

  • Enhanced environmental sustainability through innovative solutions like the blue roof system, mitigating urban flood risks.
  • Improved biodiversity and aesthetic appeal with sedum green roofs and carefully designed landscaping, bringing nature closer to residents.
  • Recognition of Chimes’ commitment to sustainability and design excellence, as evidenced by its shortlisting for several prestigious awards, including the Schüco Excellence Awards, Inside Housing Development Awards, Housing Design Awards, and being a finalist in the New London Awards for Wellbeing.
  • This project showcases the effective integration of sustainable urban development practices, enhancing the quality of life for residents while contributing positively to the broader environmental goals.

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