Richmond Park Golf Club Case Study


To create an extensive, aesthetically pleasing green roof for the Richmond Park Golf Course clubhouse that blends into the surroundings of Royal Richmond Park and minimises the impact on the protected local wildlife.


The challenge

The project required the development of a green roof that could integrate seamlessly with the natural beauty of Royal Richmond Park, requiring a specific acid grassland ecosystem to match the park’s environment. The challenge was to innovate beyond the typically alkaline green roof substrates to support the acid grassland vegetation vital for the local wildlife.

The green roof was such a unique and significant part of the construction project. I am pleased to say that 18 months later, the green roof is in excellent condition, with the native acid grassland happily thriving in its new home. It’s a genuine talking point for many of our customers and both Glendale and The Royal Parks are delighted with the finished product, which really echoes the rich biodiversity at Richmond Park.

John Dummett, General Manager of Richmond Park Golf Course


What was involved

Development Team: McAleer & Rushe led the development, design, and construction of the Onyx project, comprising 1025 bedrooms within two towers connected by a ten-storey link.

Innovative Green Solutions: Utilisation of the EGR SB+ Sedum Blanket Green Roof System on the roofs of the 13 and 24-storey blocks to provide sustainable green roofing.

Podium Roof Design: Creation of a 10thstorey link podium roof to offer outdoor space to students, integrating nature into the urban living environment.


Completed Green Roof

What was involved

System Used: Biodiverse Green Roof System.

Size: 1500m² project on the Richmond Park Golf Course clubhouse.

Local Sourcing and Innovation: Utilisation of turf sourced from within Richmond Park and the development of new, acid-friendly green roof substrates.

Expertise and Testing: Eco Green Roofs provided specialised knowledge in creating substrates suitable for acid grassland ecosystems, conducting tests with Richmond Park turf to ensure the project’s success.

The solution

Eco Green Roofs developed a semi-intensive green roof system using turf grown within Richmond Park and specially formulated acidic substrate blends. This bespoke approach allowed for a roof that not only aesthetically complemented its surroundings but also supported the unique ecological requirements of an acid grassland habitat.

The results

The implementation of the green roof on the Richmond Park Golf Course clubhouse achieved:

Environmental Integration: The clubhouse now features a roof that harmonises with the park’s landscape, ensuring minimal visual and ecological disruption.

Ecological Benefits: The green roof provides stormwater attenuation, heat and sound insulation, and creates a habitat for a diverse range of plants, invertebrates, and birds, contributing to the local biodiversity.

Sustainable Impact: Through innovative substrate development and the use of local turf, the project delivered a sustainable solution that met both aesthetic and ecological criteria, enhancing the clubhouse’s functionality and its environmental contribution.

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