Nobu Hotel Case Study

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To remodel the former Radisson Blu into Nobu Hotel Portman Square, ensuring the building fabric connects with its environment through a focus on natural elements, despite the logistical challenges of its central London location.

The challenge

  • Environmental Integration: Achieving a seamless connection between the building and its surroundings, emphasising natural materials and aesthetics.
  • Logistical Constraints: The project’s location in Marylebone, London, imposed significant restrictions on access and deliveries, complicating the construction process.
  • Preservation of Heritage: The hotel is situated along the east side of the Grade II listed Portman Square, necessitating sensitive remodeling to preserve the area’s historical integrity.

What was involved

  • Client and Partners: London + Regional (L + R) Hotels’ Nobu Hotel Portman Square project involved extensive collaboration between EGR (Eco Green Roofs Ltd), Able Waterproofing Ltd, and other stakeholders.
  • Design Philosophy: The remodel drew inspiration from Japanese design principles, prioritising simplicity and the integration of natural elements over artificial.
  • Construction and Logistics Management: The project required meticulous planning to navigate the complexities of delivering materials and conducting work in a busy, restricted urban area.

The solution

  • Innovative Green Roofing: The adoption of the EGR SB Sedum Blanket Green Roof System for the hotel’s atrium and ground floor retail area roofs. This system was chosen for its ability to integrate natural elements into the building’s design, enhancing environmental connectivity and aesthetic appeal.
  • Research and Development: EGR conducted extensive research to formulate a substrate that balanced water retention and drainage, supporting sedum growth while minimising the risk of invasive species.
  • Safety Measures: Installation of a fall protection system around the green roof areas to ensure safety during and after construction.
  • Collaborative Delivery Strategy: Coordination with Able Waterproofing Ltd to streamline deliveries in accordance with the build sequence, minimising disruption in the constrained urban setting.

The results

  • Seamless Environmental Integration: The remodeled Nobu Hotel Portman Square successfully embodies the project’s vision, connecting the building with its natural surroundings through carefully chosen design elements and green roofing.
  • Heritage Preservation: The sensitive approach to remodeling within the constraints of a Grade II listed area preserved the historical essence of Portman Square.
  • Logistical Success: Despite the central London location’s challenges, strategic planning and collaboration among partners ensured minimal impact on access and deliveries, demonstrating effective project management in a restricted urban environment.
  • Sustainable Design Achievement: The project stands as a testament to sustainable urban development, incorporating green roofing to enhance biodiversity, manage stormwater, and reduce urban heat island effects, aligning with Nobu Hotel’s commitment to sustainability and natural aesthetics.

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