King Power Centre Case Study


To construct Leicester City FC’s new training centre, Seagrave, with a design that harmoniously integrates with the green landscape, overcoming structural and landscaping challenges.


The challenge

Integration and Structural Design:

  • Environmental Integration: Ensuring the complex blends
    with the surrounding landscape, maintaining the area’s
    natural beauty.
  • Structural Challenges: The facility’s unique structural design,
    façade composition, and curvature presented significant
    challenges for conventional roofing systems.
  • Landscaping Demands: The project required extensive subsoil
    grading and landscaping to accommodate the sloping terrain
    of the former golf course site.

What was involved?

Project Scope:

  • A 185-acre development designed to house Leicester City FC’s state-of-the-art training centre and Academy, transforming a former golf course into a major sports facility.
  • The project demanded innovative engineering and landscaping solutions to achieve the desired integration with the natural environment.

Maclaren Construction Group and EGR’s Roles:

  • Maclaren Construction Group: Led the construction, utilising over 300,000m³ of earth to sculpt the site’s topography, creating sweeping sides that blend the structures into the landscape.
  • EGR: Provided a tailored solution with its EGR Podium Roof System, specifically the EGR Artificial Grass System, to address the complex’s aesthetic and practical requirements.

The solution

Bespoke Roofing and Landscaping:

  • The EGR Artificial Grass System was chosen for its flexibility in adapting to the complex’s curved facades, providing a permanent, low-maintenance green aesthetic that matched the surrounding landscape.
  • The solution was intricately applied across curving facades and around circular air vents, ensuring seamless integration with the building’s design.
  • EGR also contributed to the environmental goals by planting over 21,500 trees and conifers, creating new woodland areas to minimise the facility’s ecological footprint.

The results

Seamless Environmental Integration:

  • The King Power Centre now features a visually stunning green façade that mimics the natural environment, thanks to the innovative use of artificial grass systems on its curved structures.
  • The extensive tree planting initiative has not only enhanced the site’s biodiversity but also solidified Leicester City FC’s commitment to minimising its environmental impact.

Engineering and Environmental Achievement:

  • The project overcame significant engineering and design challenges, resulting in a facility that stands as a testament to innovative construction techniques and environmental stewardship.
  • Leicester City FC’s Seagrave Training Centre and Academy is positioned as a beacon of ambition, showcasing how modern sports facilities can achieve harmony with their natural surroundings while aiming for sustainability.

The King Power Centre facades look visually impressive; because of EGR’s lateral thinking and technical expertise, they will remain so irrespective of the time of year. With such a challenging construction, we knew EGR could deliver a practical answer to brief and to budget.

Senior Project Manager at Maclaren


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