Eco Green Group Head Office Case Study


To expand Eco Green Roofs Ltd (EGR) head office with sustainable roof solutions, reflecting the company’s ethos, while enhancing the building’s performance and mitigating local flooding risks.


The challenge

EGR aimed to renovate its expanding head office in alignment with sustainable practices. The project had to incorporate green and biodiverse roofs, alongside solar energy solutions, within the constraints of urban development and environmental regulations.

What was involved?

The expansion involved constructing a new steel structure, incorporating energy-efficient materials and systems:

  • Installation of cavity wall insulation, wood cladding, and a waterproof membrane.
  • Implementation of the SB+ Sedum Blanket Green Roof System and Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panel System.
  • Compliance with the London Plan and local council development strategies for sustainable urban development.

Temporary irrigation installed


Pitched roof with solar PV panels

The solution

EGR’s sustainable roof solution included:

  • The SB+ Sedum Blanket Green Roof System, featuring an engineered substrate, a variety of plug plants, drainage solutions, and a sedum blanket for stormwater management and biodiversity.
  • A Solar PV Panel System to generate renewable energy, reduce electricity costs, and support the building’s energy needs sustainably.
  • The construction also utilised materials and technologies aimed at longevity, recyclability, and minimal environmental impact, such as the TA-20 Flat Roofing System for waterproofing.

The results

The project successfully transformed EGR’s head office into a showcase of sustainable building practices:

  • The green roof system enhances biodiversity, improves insulation, and supports stormwater management, reducing the risk of local flooding.
  • The solar panel installation contributes to the building’s energy efficiency, reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources.
  • Overall, the project aligns with EGR’s commitment to greening the built environment and sets a precedent for sustainable office design, demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of integrating ecofriendly solutions in urban settings.

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