Jeff Thackeray

Operations Manager, Eco Green Landscapes

Jeff Thackeray’s 35-year tenure in the horticulture and landscape industry is defined by a deep-rooted passion for conservation and environmentally conscious garden and project design. His career, ignited by early interests in wildflower meadows and habitat areas, began with a robust education at Writtle College.

Starting as a groundsman, Jeff gained hands-on experience in diverse areas, including sports turf management and natural landscape maintenance, like overseeing a fishing lake. This foundational phase provided a comprehensive introduction to the profession. Transitioning into the landscaping sector, mostly focusing on new build developments, Jeff’s career trajectory swiftly ascended from a managerial role to owning a business.

His expertise expanded to encompass practical on-site problem-solving, quotation accuracy, and business development. These skills further evolved during his tenure as a regional director for the largest landscape company in the UK and Europe, where he honed his abilities in developing procedures and fostering honest reporting. Managing a team of over 60 people plus subcontractors, Jeff’s leadership and commitment to integrity became integral to his professional identity.

In his current role at Eco Green Landscapes, Jeff leverages his extensive experience to lead high-end installations characterized by thoughtful and sympathetic design. He focuses on nurturing his team, ensuring that each project not only meets but exemplifies the highest standards of quality and environmental consideration.