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Amenity Spaces Design: A Holistic Approach

At Eco Green Group, we understand that the design, coordination, supply, installation, and maintenance of amenity spaces are about more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating environments that enrich lives and sustain the planet. With decades of experience and a portfolio that includes a large number of prestigious projects, our approach to amenity spaces, especially at roof and podium levels, sets us apart from traditional ground floor landscaping.

Our Unique Approach

Early Engagement and Budget Management

Our journey begins with early engagement, ensuring that we understand your vision and requirements from the outset. This early planning phase is crucial for managing budgets effectively, allowing us to explore creative solutions that meet your financial constraints without compromising on quality or sustainability.

Holistic Design and Coordination

Recognising the unique challenges of designing amenity spaces above ground level, we adopt a holistic approach to seamlessly integrate various elements. The complexity of linking different interfaces, from structural considerations to waterproofing, demands expertise and a broad vision. Our team excels in coordinating these diverse components, ensuring that the final space is not only beautiful but also functional and resilient.


Comprehensive Solutions

Whether it’s innovative planters that complement the architectural aesthetic, resin bound and wet pour surfaces that blend safety with style, or paving that navigates foot traffic efficiently, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Our catalog extends to meticulously chosen street furniture, pergolas that offer both shade and style, efficient irrigation systems, diverse planting schemes that thrive in their environment, and engaging play equipment.

Our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions means we don’t just design and walk away. We’re committed to the long-term success of your amenity space through meticulous maintenance and thoughtful upgrades, ensuring your investment continues to benefit your community for years to come.

Sustainability at the Heart

In every project we undertake, sustainability is a guiding principle. We carefully select materials and plants that are not only suited to the local climate but also contribute to biodiversity and ecological balance. Our irrigation systems are designed for maximum efficiency, reducing water waste.

Why Choose Eco Green Group?

Choosing Eco Green Group means partnering with a team that brings unparalleled expertise to your project. Our history of installing amenity spaces at roof and podium levels equips us with the knowledge to overcome the unique challenges these projects present. We’re not just contractors; we’re your partners in creating spaces that stand the test of time, enrich urban environments, and contribute to the wellbeing of communities.

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