Aidan Lane

Pre-Construction Manager, Eco Green Landscapes

Aidan Lane’s journey in the landscape industry, spanning over four decades, is a testament to his enduring passion and exceptional expertise. Since leaving school in 1981, Aidan’s path in landscaping began with studies in Landscape Construction at horticultural colleges in Guildford and North Wales. His early career saw him working as a labourer and foreman in various landscape companies, including a stint in Wimborne Dorset, where he honed his skills on private gardens and commercial schemes.

A significant phase of his career was with Frosts Landscape Construction Ltd in Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes, where he initially served as an Assistant Landscape Manager. He later returned to Frosts for an impactful 22-year tenure, including 15 years as a Director. During this time, Aidan played a crucial role in elevating the company to a significant position in the landscaping industry. A highlight of his career was securing and overseeing the first major landscape package on the Olympic Park, leading to £34 million worth of work pre and post-Olympic games.

Aidan’s expertise extends to large podium and roof garden build projects, where he has earned a reputation for excellence, leading projects like Ropemaker in Moorgate and the GCHQ project in Cheltenham. His passion for trees and shrubs led him to travel across Europe, establishing connections with new suppliers for upcoming projects.

After two decades with Frosts, Aidan embarked on a life-changing backpacking adventure across Southeast Asia with his family. This experience broadened his horizons and upon his return, he joined Eco Green Group. In his current role, Aidan oversees new podium and landscaping pre-construction activities, contributing to Eco Green Group’s commitment to ecological building technologies and sustainable legacy.

Working alongside a team of experts at Eco Green Group, Aidan is proud to be part of an organisation that leads the market in the industry, combining his vast experience with a shared vision for environmental sustainability.