Temple Farm Case Study


Implement the EGR BD+ Biodiverse Roof System at Temple Farm to enhance ecological biodiversity, aiming for a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rating.


The challenge

The Temple Farm development, historically significant and formerly designated as Green Belt, required a design that preserved its ecological assets while increasing biodiversity. Achieving a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rating underscored the project’s ambitious environmental goals.

This has been the most challenging project that I’ve ever been involved with, but it’s also been the most rewarding. I’d like to thank everyone who was involved for helping us achieve all the relevant standards and requirements. This extends to the work of Eco Green Roofs, who have supplied a roofing solution that boasts excellent
workmanship, clever design revisions and outstanding environmental credentials.

Managing Director of Contour Roofing (Essex) Ltd


What was involved

The development spanned 85 acres, integrating offices, residential areas, healthcare facilities, and an Energy Centre on a site once used as a scrapyard. The project demanded innovative approaches to transform this environmentally sensitive area into a sustainable community hub, with a particular focus on the main building – the national headquarters for the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain.

The solution

The EGR BD+ Biodiverse Roof System was selected for its ability to integrate with the natural surroundings and contribute to the building’s performance. This choice reflected a commitment to enhancing the site’s ecological value through strategic planning and implementation of an Ecology Strategy and Landscape & Ecological Management Plan. The collaborative effort ensured the green roof system not only met but exceeded environmental standards.

The results

The Temple Farm project achieved a net gain in biodiversity, aligning with its ecological objectives and BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ aspirations. It stands as a testament to sustainable development, transforming a contaminated site into a vibrant community that harmonises with its natural environment. The project’s success illustrates the potential of thoughtful, green-focused design to rehabilitate land and create a legacy of sustainability and community well-being.

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