Kings Road Blue Roof System Case Study


To construct Leicester City FC’s new training centre, Seagrave, with a design that harmoniously integrates with the green landscape, overcoming structural and landscaping challenges.


The challenge

Urban Constraints and Sustainability Targets: Located in a densely populated area, the Kings Road project faced spatial limitations, necessitating a non-traditional approach to storm water management. The client aimed to not only meet but exceed London’s strict sustainability standards, while ensuring compliance with local city regulations.

What was involved?

Client Profile: A pioneering property developer focused on constructing a commercial building that epitomises modern architecture and sustainability within London’s urban context.

Collaborative Design and Installation:

Design Phase: A bespoke Blue Roof System was developed in close collaboration with architects and engineers, incorporating water retention, drainage, and green spaces for both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Installation Phase: Specialised water retention modules and a network of drainage channels were installed beneath the rooftop, designed to manage storm water efficiently.


The solution

The Kings Road Blue Roof System, designed and implemented by SIG Design and Technology, featured advanced storm water retention capabilities. This solution was tailored to meet the site’s unique requirements and the client’s sustainability objectives, marking a significant leap in urban storm water management practices.

The results

Effective Storm Water Management: The project significantly reduced storm water runoff, alleviating pressure on municipal drainage systems and reducing flood risks.

Regulatory Recognition and Sustainability Achievement:

The system’s compliance with city regulations showcased an innovative approach to managing urban storm water.

The client’s sustainability efforts were recognised, enhancing their brand and appealing to eco-conscious stakeholders.

Challenges and Lessons:

Maintenance Strategy: Emphasised the importance of ongoing maintenance to prevent system clogs and ensure efficiency.

Initial Investment vs. Long-term Benefits:
Highlighted the higher upfront costs of the Blue Roof System against its environmental benefits and long-term savings.

The Kings Road Blue Roof System project stands as a testament to the power of innovative, sustainable urban development. Through strategic planning, collaborative design, and meticulous implementation, the project surpassed traditional storm water management methods, setting a new standard for environmental stewardship in urban settings.

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