Burnt Oak Case Study


Rydon Construction’s project for Catalyst Housing involves building 76 residential units and a ground floor retail space, with Eco Green Roofs Ltd addressing logistical and structural challenges to create a sustainable rooftop garden and play area.

The challenge

Rydon Construction was tasked with a complex design and build project for Catalyst Housing, which involved constructing 76 residential units over five floors above a ground floor retail area. The project faced significant logistical and structural challenges. These included managing tight logistics due to limited site access and accommodating the structural needs for building a podium roof with a south-facing communal garden, play area, and residents’ allotments on the first floor deck.

This was a challenging yet rewarding project with the inclusion of a significant recreational area to be used by future residents. We have a long-standing proven relationship with EGR. The company consistently proves itself to be dependable, reliable and professional.

Director at Accurate Roofing


What was involved?

The project required meticulous planning and coordination to address the tight logistics, with the only site access being a small road for crane and delivery vehicles. Additionally, the work had to be integrated with other trades onsite. Structural considerations were crucial to achieve the appropriate build-up of the podium roof directly over the waterproofing layer. This required collaboration with various specialists, including waterproofing experts and green roofing professionals.


The solution

Accurate Roofing, a waterproofing specialist, approached Eco Green Roofs Ltd (EGR) to deliver a value-engineered solution within the budget and design specifications. EGR’s design comprised a separation and protection layer over the waterproofing throughout the podium topped with a combination of EGR SB Sedum Blanket Green Roof System and EGR WB Wildflower Green Roof Blanket System, both including EGR DBR40N water reservoir and drainage board, EGR H20 Flow cuspated drainage board with geocomposite for passive venting, and EcoVoid load bearing blue roof attenuation layer.To reduce weight loadings, bespoke-engineered aluminium and steel planters were used instead of brick, with metal fins added for rigidity. The play area was made safe for children using EGR’s Eco Cell with filter fleece, drainage board with granular infill, and Wetpour granulated rubber crumb top surface.


The results

The successful completion of the project led to the creation of a unique residential and retail space with an environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing rooftop garden. The innovative use of green roofing systems not only addressed the structural and logistical challenges but also enhanced the living environment for residents. The project stands as a testament to the effective collaboration between different specialists, showcasing how complex urban construction challenges can be overcome through innovative solutions and expert coordination.

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